Saturday 26th January 2012

I have updated the blog with some more information about the show, the venue and the participating artists.

The show:
I have added some art works based on the theme of Heterotopia produced by other artists to clarify the theme to the audience, to aid a better understanding of the show and its aims. To view this click on the tab "Heterotopia and Art" under the banner.

The Artists:
I have added a ful list of participating artists, the area they specialise in and a link to their website (if available). This should give the audience a better idea of what to expect from the show. To view this click on the tab "The Artists" under the banner.

The Venue:
I have added a map of the Cambridge Campus of Anglia Ruskin University so aid access to the Ruskin Corridor, as it can sometimes be a bit of a maze! You can follow any of the black dotted lines to get to the Ruskin Corridor. To View this click on the tab "Directions" under the banner.

If you need any extra information about any of these of anything else do not hesitate to contact me at

See you in two weeks!