What is Heterotopia?

Here is a guide to the word Heterotopia:

Of Other Spaces (1967) by Michel Foucault
This text, entitled "Des Espace Autres," and published by the French journal Architecture /Mouvement/ Continuité in October, 1984, was the basis of a lecture given by Michel Foucault in March 1967. Although not reviewed for publication by the author and thus not part of the official corpus of his work, the manuscript was released into the public domain for an exhibition in Berlin shortly before Michel Foucault's death. Translated from the French by Jay Miskowiec.
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Notes on Heterotopias
Here is an interesting article on some of Foucault's intention within his work. To read it please click here.

Summary: Of Other Spaces
This article breaks down the meaning behind Foucault's work "Of Other Spaces" and makes it easier to understand: "Heterotopias are both isolated and accessible, public and hidden. They enable us to both confront our illusions and to create new illusions of the utopias we cannot have." To read the full article please click here.

Foucault and the Six Principles of Heterotopia